The 5 most effective treatment ways for children with cerebral palsy:

1 physical therapy 

Strengthening muscles to prevent weakness and joint contracture and improve range of motion 

Promotion of mobility and enhancing to improve the gross motor milestones 

2 Occupational  therapy

Improve fine motor function 

Enhance functional abilities 

3 Speech therapy

Improves oral  motor function

Teach alternative communication skills 

4 Assistive  technologies 

Orthotics management eg:Ankle foot orthotics which help to  improve in alignment and positioning 

Other  (Walker ,wheelchair etc.)

5 Surgery and medication 

Muscle lengthening 

Tendon lengthening

Tendon transfer 

Tenotomy /myotomyis conducted to improve muscle functional ability 

Osteotomy is done for the realign of the joint for  better posture and mobility 

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